"Over the past seven years we have put athletes at the heart of everything we have done and this, of course, included supplying them with the best possible sports equipment and services, your equipment and your services." Sebastian Coe, Chairman of the London 2012 Olympic Games Organising Committee


Mondo Sport&Flooring develops, designs and manufactures indoor and outdoor sport flooring and equipment.

We have supplied the tracks and provided the technical and logistical support for 11 consecutive Olympic Games, from Montreal 1976 to Rio 2016.

Every year 150,000 athletes train and compete on Mondo tracks, courts and artificial turf soccer pitches.

Like these athletes, Mondo strives to overcome limitations and improve performance.

How? By investing in research and development and focusing on the values ​​that have always set us apart: a will to experiment and the tenacity and determination to see each challenge through.


“The IAAF World Athletics Series of events continues to benefit from the quality and technical expertise of Mondo. Its sports surfaces are globally recognized as being at the cutting edge having been the stage for some memorable Athletics performances.” Lamine Diack, IAAF President 1999-2015


Mondo Track&Field is famous for its surfaces and for the most innovative and fastest track in history. Our tracks, installed in over 1100 sports facilities, have seen over 250 world records broken and have hosted the Olympic Games since 1976. Mondo is also an IAAF Partner since 1987 and the Official supplier of Federation athletics tracks. The footprints left on our surfaces have marked the history of athletics forever.


“The Mondo pitch is formidable, I think one of the best ever to play futsal. It is very fast, and great to play on”. Marcio Forte, Italian National Futsal Team


Mondo Indoor Sport manufactures, designs and installs flooring and equipment for basketball, volleyball, handball, futsal and multi-purpose pitches. We provide a complete range of materials for indoor sports. The Mondo R&D centers have focused their studies on rubber, an elastic, eco-friendly and multifunctional material. This is how versatile, durable, high-performance, safe and easy-to-assemble solutions are created. With minimal maintenance requirements, they determine the quality of the sports facilities in which they are installed and make them better spaces for both athletes and spectators.


"Having nine teams, I wanted the artificial turf to cover the whole working week, so we can always train or play league games on beautiful pitches. We are very pleased with what has been done". Bruno Conti, Head of the AS Roma youth sector


Mondo Sports Turf - Years of research and testing in collaboration with the major international biomechanics and ergonomics centers have enabled Mondo R&D laboratories to create the innovative FTS3 system, consisting of cutting-edge fibers, Ecofill Star infill granules and Fine Tuned panels. All components are designed and manufactured in our Mondotufting facilities, to control and supervise all production phases.

Only in this way can the Mondoturf systems ensure maximum sports performance and the same playability of artificial turf to athletes.


“Look at the seating of the Centre Court at the Foro Italico. See how the view fully reflects the shapes of the basin and does not disturb. All of this thanks to the colors”! Giancarlo Venelli, Seating Designer


Sport is action, competition, challenge. But it is also a show that can be enjoyed in comfort and safety. For this Mondo produces folding , monobloc and stands seating capable of ensuring the highest levels of comfort, design and durability.

A qualified team follows each stage of the work, from design to the creation of the prototype, up to the molds. Each new seat is designed to ensure compliance with international standards and maximum fire and mechanical resistance.

The whole experience comes from the historic brand Venelli combined with the innovative capacity of a Group that lives sport to the full.